[Those last words seemed good enough. And just in time, too. Within a few seconds, you feel yourself slipping away. You’re not coming back this time, you know you’re not. But at least you got to say goodbye.]

posted 8 months ago

I di d all that I cou ld. 8ut it wasn;t enough. It could nev er hav e 8e en enough.

posted 8 months ago

I shoulfd oro8a8ly try to make my last words somethimg good.

posted 8 months ago



i’m sorry, and good bye…

it was nice to see you one more time…

don’t 8e sorr y. it”s 8etter this w ay..

good8ye, John.

tHanks for everything you di d for m e.

is there anything i can do to help?

I wasd oomed from the start, Johnn.

posted 8 months ago

It;s getti ng a lot harder to t ype no w.

Ohhhhhhhh 8oy..

Feeling kind of light headed now.

posted 8 months ago

I would say that I can’t 8elieve this is how it’s gonna end, 8ut I’m not really surprised.

It was either this or me living literally forever 8y myself. I’m kind of glad it’s not that.

posted 8 months ago

I’m gonna take a minute to say a few things 8efore it gets impossi8le to type.


I’ll think a8out it at least.

posted 8 months ago


you’re also existy! but, what’s wrong???

Hahahahahahahaha! Not for long. I’m kinda 8leeding out, here.

remem8er how I spent a long time looking for the other survivors in my timeline?

Found ‘em trying to go up against Lord English.

Ha! Guess you can figure out how well that ended up, huh?